Agriculture 4.0

    Agriculture is one of the oldest activities developed by human beings that has evolved alongside technological innovations from other areas of knowledge. The awareness of this dynamic has motivated Bouro to contribute to the development and dissemination of digital agriculture at national and international level. This attitude, and the existing skills, make the company an ideal partner to collaborate on innovation and technological and scientific development projects. Do you want to know how?

Our Competences

IoT in Agriculture

    The Internet of Things (IoT) facilitates our daily tasks through the use of sensors and actuators that interact with each other automatically. This may sound complicated, but it's not.

    Imagine a flower bed and the concern to keep soil moisture at adequate levels. You can decide for yourself to water or to put an automatic watering. While the first requires your presence and time, the second always supplies the same amount of water, even on rainy days. Ideally, the flower bed would ask the tap for the exact amount of water that the land needs. The IoT comes to solve this type of challenge without you having to worry about it. Moreover, in a period of drought, you can still consider a compromise between the need to moisten the ground and the management of water in the well or reservoir without the need for intervention.

    IoT sensors and actuators are fantastic equipment for being able to combine long-distance communication with extremely low battery consumption. There are currently sensors that communicate at 30 km and do not require maintenance for periods of 10 years.


    The field of IoT applications is very comprehensive, whether in the geolocation of the tractor fleet, remote access permission, production monitoring, level of wine deposits, temperature of substances, air quality, solar radiation, among others, always being available in the palm of your hand so that you have knowledge and can manually or automatically correct what is happening on your farm, whether it is near or far.

   LoRa is the radio frequency technology that allows these devices to communicate over long distances to your mobile phone. It seems like magic, this network easily allows communication over distances of over 30 km, and distances over 100 km are not uncommon. The use of the network is free of charge, unlike broadband telecommunications networks. So there's nothing to worry about.

   Even so, if your farm is in a shady area without communications, it will always be possible to install an antenna so that you can easily and automatically access all your sensors and actuators.

Equipamento Customizado

   Maintaining high levels of productivity and environmentally-friendly practices, while tackling labor shortages are key challenges in today's agriculture. Realizing this is essential for anyone who wants to follow the evolution of technologies and evolve together.

 We have the skills to develop innovative robotic equipment customized for specific agricultural applications. This development is accompanied by a team of qualified professionals who guarantee the development and execution of special projects adapted to the needs of your farm.


Seeding the Future